Essential Hair Tips For Brides To Be.

I have put together an essential list for brides who need some help when choosing a hairdresser for their special day.

Feel free to comment and add extra tips and hints!

Finding The Right Hairdresser

If you choose to have a wedding close to home then the most obvious place to start is with your main hairdresser. This ideally should be the hair stylist who knows what looks you are comfortable with and suits you best. If they do not specialise with hair up then you could always ask for a recommendation.

If you are getting married away from home, then this is where things get a bit tricky as you will be putting the most important hairstyle of you life in the hands of someone you barely know. For this I would recommend searching on Instagram for tags like #BrideLondon #WeddingPhotographer #BridalHairLondon #BridesmaidsLondon. Often you will see other artists work and tags of who they may have collaborated with which also works hand in hand in finding other artists who have once collaborated.

It’s really important to find a hairdresser who understands you and listens to your expectations. Also someone who is creative and offers ideas/ looks that will compliment your desired hair style and the wedding dress. Don’t be afraid to shop about and meet as many hairdressers as you can, don’t just settle for the first one.

The Dress

Your hair should compliment the dress, so if your dress is very detailed, go for something soft and classic. If your dress has an open back you should show this off and wear your hair either low or to the side. The image below was taken from my favourite Bridal Instagram account @Galialahav #Galialahav Check out their instagram for some beautiful hair inspiration!

Hair Trials

First of all I would collect photos of hair which you like or create a Pinterest board, then you can work out the look you’re going for and will also help your chosen stylist visualise what you want to achieve. Consultations / trials should be about getting to know each other and ultimately trialling out ideas which generally takes around 90 minutes. Usually 1-3 trials are enough.

I would recommend starting hair trials at least 3-6 months before your wedding. This way you will have enough time to make changes and form a relationship with your hairdresser.

Colour and Cut

If you’re looking to maintain your hair colour, then aim to have it coloured at least 2-3 weeks prior to your wedding day. Your hair will be at its best and will look timeless in the photos to follow. Ask your hair stylist for more of a natural look, rather than fashion colours. Some tags to look for #SoftBalayage #BrunetteBalayage #BlondeBalayage

Aim to have your haircut at least 6-8 weeks before your special day, this way you will avoid your hair looking dry and brittle.

Incorporating Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are great for thickening up your look or adding length / colour.

There are so many techniques and methods on the market today so do your research and possibly book in for a consultation with a hair extension specialist who will advise you on methods which work for wearing hair up / down. Aim to have hair extensions put in around 3 weeks before your wedding day so if there are any problems they can be amended in this time.

Clip in hair extensions are great as you can control the amount of hair that you require. They are also semi permanent so can carefully be taken out on the evening and worn again on a special occasion.

Be sure to check that the hairdresser who is styling your hair can care and work with hair extensions.

Clip in hair extension prices range from £200.00 depending on quality.

The hair featured below is SWAY SEAMLESS® Clip In Hair

The Plan

For the special day, write up a schedule of timings / arrivals for your team of artists (make up, hair, photographer) Also Incorporate a bridal team breakfast for you and your bridesmaids to relax.

For example:

08:00 Artists arrive

08.30 Bride Prep hair or make up // Photos

09:00 Make a start on Bridesmaids

10.30 Breakfast and Champagne

11.15 Finishing Touches // Photos

12:00 Bride finishing touches //Photos

Be You

Remember this is your special day and you want to feel at your best.

If you do not usually wear your hair up, then keep it down. You need to feel confident and comfortable and most importantly feel like YOU!

So many beautiful styles can be created when your hair is down, whether you want waves, curls, beachy waves etc. You could even incorporate braids and twists and even hair jewellery.

“Should I wash my hair?”

One of the most common questions! It’s completely up to you. Personally I would want to feel fresh and relaxed. I would recommend washing your hair and running the water throughout your hair for a couple of minutes to avoid leaving excess shampoo. Apply a small amount of conditioner to the lengths and ends, leave for around a minute of so and then rinse until completley gone.

Your hair will be prepped with lots of hair products so your hair stays throughout the day, so do not worry about hair being too clean because it will be prepped and sprayed.

Shampoo & Conditioner to try Pureology Hydrate

Emergency Wedding Hair Kit

It’s always a good idea to have a little hair kit, which is best to be left safe with the bridesmaids! Sometimes all the dancing, kissing and hugging may start to loosen even the most sleek hair style. You won’t have to worry knowing you have a few hair angels on site.

Bobby Pins - Scunci Colour Match Bobby Pins 60s

Small soft bristle brush - Denman D81M Medium Nylon Brush

Travel size fixing spray - L‘Oréal Elnett Satin Hairspray

Texture Powder - Got2B Powder

Smoothing Créme - The Ouai Finishing Créme 100ml

Music Playlist

Creating the right mood and ambiance for your bridal party. Let’s face it, getting ready is the best part of a night out so you want your special day to flow and keep you as relaxed as possible! For my sisters wedding I created a little playlist of music that we could reminisce to and laugh along and shed the odd tear! You can always keep this playlist for something you can playback too, just create one on Spotify!

Work Space

Make sure your artists have enough room and a clear work surface / tables so that they can set up. It’s always best to be in a room which is private with lots of natural light for the make up artist and hairdresser. You may also request to have the photographer there to capture the special moments of you getting ready. Artists will also love this as they can add the photos to their portfolio!

Thank you for reading and I hope you have found this little blog useful!

Love Chlóe x

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